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The Philadelphia Political Machine Stole the Culture and Quality of Life

Germantown situation reflects larger malaise

We wound up with a drug and gang culture in at least one third of our city because the political machines decided they would rather fund themselves and their friends and sell out the citizens at many levels as a first priority.

The Maxine Canada Brown story just outlined, that led to events in Germantown, illustrates clearly just how upside down our society now operates where one is victimized for being a responsible citizen and essentially blamed for the deaths of those who would kill in a heartbeat and promote lawlessness as a way of life.

Driven from her home community of 30 years, block captain Brown was told not to use law enforcement regardless of brutality on her person and destruction and theft on her personal residence and property. The vigil service for the deceased drug-dealing neighbor, killed while robbing another at gunpoint has already been held as if he was the victim. In essence we all are a victim of the worst kind of governmental and political neglect.

I have been peeling back the onion of corruption and outright theft by this city’s politicians for years and it is very clear to me that the destruction of the employment and opportuinty base in this city is directly responsible for a culture where the growing size of permanent low opportuinty and no opportuinty neighborhoods create these upside down dead end neighborhoods and sadly, the story has never been properly told.

It was not all that long ago when Philadelphia was the most diverse and best job opportuinty city in the nation at over 2 million residents. Proof the system worked was the fact that we had more home owners in this city as a percentage of the population than any other major city in the U.S. Clearly, you can’t pay a mortgage without a 52 week a year job — and we had them.

It was the Democratic Party Machine, with the help of a lackluster and compromised Republican Party, that one by one chased just about every major blue and white collar employer from this city through shakedowns and oppressive taxes that to this day keep new business from setting up shop here.

Not everyone needs higher education to be productive to themselves and society, and it was very possible here with opportuinty knocking right in your own back yard. Those back yards are today crumbling buildings and abandoned homes as 650,000 voted with their feet when opportuinty left. Patronage do-little city jobs have not come close to filing the gap, but overpaid politicians and their developer friends have drained the treasury and created a false and phony budget more likely to follow the pattern of Detroit once the truth is told.

Job opportunity today is a shadow of its former self and the controlling and inside dealing trade unions guarantee the best jobs to suburbanites who commute in to feast off the killed pig known as Philadelphia.

In the meantime we have the gangsters setting the ridiculous standards of how one will act in their neighborhoods “or else”, and the gangsters serving in so called elected office stealing us blind and leaving crumbs on the table for the voters.

Jim Foster
The Independent Voice