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No doubt about it, the upcoming presidential election could be unpredictable up to the 11th hour, and who knows at this point how many may be on the ballot. Our history is replete with minority parties taking hold and skewing outcomes. The track record of the press and media handicapping elections correctly also has a less than stellar record. 


The most tangible evidence of this was the Chicago Tribune headline in November 1948, printed before all ballots were counted, that read: “DEWEY BEATS TRUMAN." Truman won with 303 Electoral votes and a majority in the popular vote as well. For that entire campaign, the mainstream press and media outlets told the citizens that Harry Truman did not have even a slim chance of victory. The Democratic Party split into three parties at the Philadelphia convention in July 1948 when incumbent President Truman kept his promise to desegregate the military by Executive Order as the first national remedial step since Jim Crow. The press even coined the phrase: “To Err is Truman."


Those who win elections with large margins can often prove to be charlatans in office and reverse major commitments to the people in the process. This country had two back to back in Democrat Woodrow Wilson, and Republican Warren Harding. Wilson was a committed racist and actually removed black citizens from federal jobs under his order, and despite promises not to enter World War 1, did so and supported some ugly war profiteering in the process.


So outraged was the public after Wilson’s two terms, they elected Republican Warren Harding in 1920 with the largest party-change victory yet recorded where he took 71.6% of the Electoral Vote and 60% of the popular vote. This was the first year women were permitted to vote in the presidential election and it is generally believed many of those votes were the mothers of the war dead from 1917-18. Harding’s track record was blemished with scandals, both with corporate dealings and women on his staff (a precursor of Bill Clinton in my view).


Regardless, the Republicans held on to the presidency after Harding’s death until the Depression year of 1932, as the Wilson years poisoned the well nationally in many states and in the minds of the average citizen.


Propaganda from the press can only go so far, and even attempts to keep the public uninformed or distracted don’t always work.  Truman fought back by taking a presidential train trip, stopping in small towns and large cities in the months leading up to the November election, tearing up prepared speeches and talking about what the citizens surrounding him on the back of the train had on their minds.


Some feel that Donald Trump has used technology instead of the train to connect with the average citizens regardless of party affiliation. Couple that with the rarely disclosed facts that a majority of the citizens in this country now consider themselves Independent and not partisan, we may be on a pathway to all manner of uncertainty and unpredictability over the next few months. 


The self-assured mainstream press, supported by most of academia, has already decided that Hillary Clinton deserves the presidency, but on stature, not merit. The Trump-infused chaos only plays into a support mechanism that does not want to talk about Hillary Clinton any more than barely necessary and can make Trump’s antics front and center about 75 percent of the time and get away with it — almost. 


One can debate why the Democratic Party could not come up with several seasoned candidates to bring their versions of good governance to the primary elections. But Bernie Sanders, the rebranded Socialist, has gathered so much momentum and money that they can’t completely ignore or ridicule him — as would be their choice.  The one particular fact that the press refuses to amplify during the Democrat debates is that it was Bill Clinton and his Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin, who deconstructed the bank/investment house/insurance regulations in 1999 at the behest of one of the most influential lobbyists in history, Sanford Weil of Citi Bank. Bernie Sanders does Hillary a favor by never mentioning that  it was Democrat Clinton who aggressively supported and signed the Graham-Leech Bill  he claims destroyed the economy and the level playing field. The press does not want to disclose that the Democrats of today are richer than the Republicans and much more organized in large scale funding and making deals with banks and insurance companies.


Frankly, I believe the Republicans ran too many candidates and the Democrats too few. No one can convince me that there were not a half dozen qualified Democrats that could have mounted respectable platforms and done justice to the process.  Maybe “The Fix” should be the subject of the presidential campaign of 2016 after all.


In any event, four candidates, two of them Independent runs, in November would suit me fine - - and I think a good portion of the nation as well.


Jim Foster

The Independent Voice