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Shades of Henry Wallace

My choice for the most honest, dedicated and effective President of the modern era is Harry Truman. Faced with some of the most far reaching challenges of any ever elected to that office, he was dedicated to the people and their future first and foremost, and his personal reputation and his party second, once he inherited the job upon the death of Franklin Roosevelt. For those who may not be acquainted, he left office with one of the lowest popularity ratings of anyone who ever held it, and mostly with his own party - - the Democrats. What cost him the most was his insistence on beginning the end of segregation by integrating the U.S. Military by executive order, his stand against some labor leaders who challenged his authority on the structure of the U.S. economy, and how the country was to be reorganized in peace time.

The intentionally buried story of how Harry Truman became Vice President is still kept largely from the history books as it is really a treatise on how the Democratic Party dealt with the rising tide of enforced Marxist socialism inside the U.S. government and how one particular insider wanted to have the federal government take over all major industry and then join with the Soviet Union in running the world, post World War II. That person was none other than Henry Wallace, the Vice President of the United States under Roosevelt in his third term.

Now, I believe that the financial decisions of Roosevelt’s New Deal saved our economy from the kind of meltdown that characterized just about every other world economy at the time, even if the public really did not know how they did it. One of the ways they guaranteed election from 1932 forward was that just about every plank from the Socialist platform of Norman Thomas became part of Roosevelt’s policies going forward. In effect they were a merger of two parties.

The baggage that came with that merger was Henry Wallace, a left wing extremist of the first order who would have done Woodrow Wilson one better in top down utopian takeover given the chance - - and he was given it when he was made Vice President and put in charge of major decisions that effected the economy while on war footing, and how it would be structured after the end of hostilities. His plans for the return to peace were downright frightening even to most Democratic elected officials and party leaders.

The party powerful made a backroom decision as they knew that Franklin Roosevelt would not survive long into his fourth term, and in fact they kept him medicated and virtually propped up during that election, knowing death was inevitable and likely soon. Wallace was a looming problem as they believed once his true goals and plans went public they feared a revolution from the citizenry.

Wallace believed that Joe Stalin and the Soviet Union had it right and was waiting for the day he would become president and join with him in running the world postwar. His utopian plans for this country were well known inside the White House, cabinet and some senior senators, but not by the majority in the House or the public. An inside group of party leaders decided to make sure that Wallace never got the chance to become the first American Dictator.

A small group led by the national party chair went to a very sick Roosevelt and told him that “Wallace was out” as VP in the 1944 race and Roosevelt wanted no part of it. They had picked Harry Truman of Missouri as the replacement despite the fact he came from one of the most corrupt machines in the U.S. - - the Prendergast Organization.

Harry himself had no baggage, but Roosevelt made no bones about his dislike for the senator who made sure that government war contracts were not sweetheart deals and said so in the public arena. Over Roosevelt’s strenuous protest, they actually threatened the President with telling the public how sick he really was if he did not substitute Truman for Wallace. It was done.

It was done. Wallace was given the consolation prize as Secretary of Commerce so his Marxist/Socialist planning for the economy continued for a few more years, but he was defanged while Truman and George Marshall won the war and the peace in Washington. Truman removed Wallace from Commerce later and he ran for president in a splinter Progressive Party in the 1948 election.

Many feel that the forced invention of the Democratic Party leaders saved both the party and the country. It was well established that Wallace and others were part of back door plans to collaborate with Joseph Stalin in world planning under a forced one party system with full confiscation of the means of production.

For those who think I am making up the extent of the Wallace influence, I met a few years back a woman from the Mt. Airy neighborhood who was just a few years older than me and who grew up in Brooklyn in the garment district. She told a group of us that in the Public School they attended they did not recite the Pledge of Allegiance but instead sung The Internationale each morning and that her parents told her enthusiastically that Henry Wallace and Joseph Stalin would rule the world.
And now we have Bernie Sanders.

Jim Foster