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Did Bernie already make a deal?

Behind all the hoopla surround Trump and the Republican primary the story the Hillary-supporting mainstream press does not want to tell you is how Bernie Sanders talks some of the talk, but when it comes to making the case to support his primary platform claim, he wimps away and gives Clinton the nomination without a fight.

To support his primary platform plank that it was a cabal between our federal government and big finance, arranged through the disillusion of the Glass-Steagel Act in 1999, he makes the case that this shutdown of New Deal regulation set us up for banks that were too big to fail and opened the door to rampant and reckless job exportation. 

Many agree that proper federal bank audits and financial oversight was for all practical purposes ended with the Graham-Leech-Bliley Act of November 1999, and the door was held wide open for a return to bank/investment house/insurance company holding companies that became "Too Big to Fail" - - exactly as Democrat John Dingel told us at the time.  Dingel further said that the government would be forced to bail them out in the future.

Bernie tells us that he voted against the bill (one that had bi-partisan support) but he fails to even mention who was behind the very drafting of the bill in the first place.

For it was President Bill Clinton's hand-picked Wall Street trained Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin who, for all practical purposes, engineered the bill at the bidding of lobbyist Sanford Weil of Citi-Bank.  Citi Bank had illegally merged with Travelers Insurance and millions was spend ramming that bill through Congress and a Presidential signature to legalize the illegal and create a wide open door to end oversight, regulation and to pave the way for a climate of reckless international trading.   

Sanders does not have the courage to state in open forum, debates, or even press releases that it was Hillary's husband, the then Democratic President, who basically made it possible for the big banks to become the Massively Big Banks and for all practical purposes take over the running of the economy and the federal government. No Republican president ever changed the course of our economy with one stroke of a pen like Bill Clinton did when he both designed and signed that bill.

In fact, the press reported at the time, that Sanford Weil asked his close friend Robert Rubin to get him the pen that Clinton used to sign the bill.  When Rubin handed it to him he said: "You have just bought the U.S. Government."

Jim Foster

The Independent Voice