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Philadelphia schools misspent grants

This is only one example of how politicians misused their appropriations ability over the years. The amount that was essentially stolen from the citizens is in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  U.S. Congressman Fattah as Appropriations Chair and State Appropriations Chair Dwight Evans (among others) made this money available to any number of recipients and the money was regularly used outside of reporting requirements and compliance documents became on an easily avoidable annoyance.  Oversight agencies looked the other way for years, and some very intense federal, state and City of Philadelphia investigations were terminated using high level political influence and questionable court decisions.

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Phila. schools owe U.S. $7.2M for misspent grants

By Martha Woodall, Staff Writer

POSTED: MARCH 12, 2016

The Philadelphia School District owes the U.S. Department of Education $7.2 million for federal grant funds misspent more than a decade ago, a federal appeals court ruled this week.