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No Surprise Here

What a surprise! - - after the so called Election, we find that the Committee of Seventy Board supplied a good number of Jim Kenney’s new appointments.

Remember how the Committee of Seventy, that wonderful political “watchdog group” who claims they promote maximum disclosure, participation and involvement in elections in Philadelphia. Sure you do, that would be the same group whose Board of Directors and new CEO, David Thornburgh, set the bar in the mayoral election to disqualify any but the Republican and Democratic candidates and make the debates as short as possible.

It mattered little that one of the Independent candidates had gathered more signatures than anyone else on the ballot, major or minor party, had a track record in prior elections, ran a recognized community newspaper and was lifetime resident. As soon as this organization of insider hypocrites made that determination, all other sponsors agreed to the same terms of “dial everyone else out and get it over with quickly”. That group of go along to get along includes WHYY, Inquirer, Temple University, major news and TV networks and other support groups.

When the information that all but Kenney and Murray-Bailey were to be excluded from any debates (there were five legitimate candidates on the ballot) and the televised ones were to be very short controlled Q and A sessions, not debates at all, protests were mounted by many influential citizens as to how this was totally inconsistent with the published principles of “Seventy”. They went totally dark and would not respond with any justification for making the election even less democratic than that primary dog and pony show choreographed in the dark by ward leaders and millions in outside money.

Perish the thought that any significant city fiscal or management issues were ever going to be debated in the public arena and make it to TV and the mainstream media. The fact that the only published platform focusing on these issues came from Independent Jim Foster was probably the primary reason they decided to shut him down any way possible. Why should a candidate that was to be “crowned through corruption” have to respond to any difficult questions about how the city government he has been part of for 23 years scammed the majority of the citizens, the majority of the time.

Why should the candidate from the so called minority party have to talk about long existent Philadelphia challenges when she only came on board a year ago?  No heavy lifting for these folks, for with the combined efforts these two parties, who are both controlled by the same power players, they have been buying election outcomes in Philadelphia for years.

There is another reason why almost anyone with influence in this city could be bought off to help throw an election, or at least make sure it was a no-issue brief maypole dance. You see this city recently sent five judges to jail, and closed down a city court permanently in the process. The Ethics Board has charged and fined serving elected officials for regularly violating codes. 4 State Reps within city boundaries all found guilty of taking bribes, and U.S. Congressman and his son face federal trials that will last well into next year. All of this converging at the very moment the Democratic National Convention opens in Philadelphia, the city where the process of creating participating government all began - - and all of those convicted are a Democrats. We would not want to take any chances that a mainstream out of area journalist gets the idea to write the story that the DNC brought its convention to the most corrupt city in the nation, and one run by all Democrats - - now would we?

Perish the thought that major news stories and a food fight in the mayor’s race starts through disclosures that came from an honest open election process, one where the candidates can’t just get the questions in advance, and be guaranteed how little they might have to say in response.  This major’s race was completely choreographed to protect a city gone so bad that there is no limit to who will help it cover its tracks.

The Committee of Seventy is a Parliament of Whores and the Democrats and Republicans are both gangster organizations.

Jim Foster