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Reportedly only minutes apart, just elected Mayor Kenney and newly appointed Police Commissioner Richard Ross told two very different stories to the local and national press after the shooting of a Philadelphia police officer at 60th and Spruce was designated an assignation attempt by some in law endorsement.

Kenney took another giant step toward outdistancing ultra-left wing Mayor DiBlasio of New York as he made an instant reactionary stand that this shooting had absolutely nothing to do with radical Islamic tactics or the Islamic religion.

All this while Police Commissioner Richard Ross and his homicide squad leadership told the press that the perpetrator repeatedly made it perfectly clear that he shot the policeman in the name of the Islamic State and more specifically because the police do not respect Islamic law.

As the world is torn apart almost daily now with terrorist activity performed by aggressive cells and individual attempts at murder of randomly selected individuals, it seems Mayor Kenney is pushing his far left political agenda to the maximum only days after being sworn in and taking no time to get the facts before speaking.

What kind of professional leadership individual would make such a categorically definitive statement when the film evidence, testimony of the shooter and the survival of the potential victim all point in a different direction?

Clearly Kenney has an agenda and has already been pandering to special interest groups rather than trying to unify a city torn apart by massive gaps between the haves and have-nots, daily shootings on the street, (mostly under-reported) city management neglect that has brought us the largest poverty level of any large city in the nation, and political corruption that rivals the worst in our history.

Well, what can we expect from a candidate chosen by insiders from a pool of corrupt individuals; one who was trained by convicted former State Senator Vince Fumo who just was released from prison, and who was elected through millions in outside money buying support from other elected officials in the process.

Thanks to the political machine run by Johnny Doc and George Norcross, those who are part of the most expensive city government in the nation all got richer during the last election, and it seems Kenney is drunk with the power to the point that he feels he can make the facts up as he speaks and all will buy in.

Our matter of fact Police Commissioner told the people the facts as his men learned them, without spin or varnish and did it promptly. He is breath of fresh air in the city where falsified records, outright lies and misstatements of fact have been the norm for years.

We can only hope he does not have to pay too dearly for doing his job.

Jim Foster
The Independent Voice