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Hillary Clinton,  21st Century Madame Chaing Kai-shek

Parallels abound that should not be ignored.

As I watched Hillary Clinton treat us to another condescending rebuke to the great unlearned, it brought back some black and white film clips and recorded history that is part personal recollection and part research of a powerful persona most unusual in her time. A woman who, despite some learned attempt at promoting fairness in world governance, crashed and burned in her own right and probably because she made some of the same mistakes we have witnessed since Hillary Clinton decided she was to be the self-appointed ruler of all she imagined and using all she was able to dominate to get there.

The two had so much in common, beginning with their mutual formal education at Wellesley. Daughter of Chinese aristocracy, Soong Mai-Ling was bright and had a very early focus on political power and using her skills in breaking barriers. Marrying the President of the Chinese Nationalist Government got her a good way up the ladder almost immediately, and Hillary did the same. Just like Hillary she quickly became as much an activist and media darling as she could and had lots of opportuinty as her military husband General Chaing Kai-Shek was busy making alliances with the West, fighting World War II, the Japanese and then the communist influence in the far east.

Educated and well spoken, she used the media of the day and public appearances drew as many as 30,000 in a time frame when dynamic women in leadership outside of inherited monarchies was virtually unknown. The woman broke barriers and she made the front page of Time magazine three times. Projecting a commanding image, aligning herself with U.S. Presidential candidates and very sure of the legitimacy her goals, it was reported that she saw herself as part of the ruling world government after the allies won World War II.

However, her personal elitism and failure to recognize the turbulence of political philosophies and opportunism that was running rampant after VJ Day was lost on most of the world of her birth, as they struggled for a new beginning. Had she projected a less authoritarian and manipulative persona, she might have been a greater influence in a world desperate for ending centuries of class struggle. Instead she was seen as much more a part of the West and her newfound world where she had greater recognition and power in a level of comfort few could even imagine.

Sometimes even the brightest cannot see the forest for the trees, and the parallels between her and Hillary Clinton are worth a review. For sure, the most obvious was that they were both very much control freaks who believed they should not be denied a place in history.

Jim Foster, Publisher

Germantown Newspapers