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Please take a moment to read the attached Wall Street Journal editorial from 1992 in light of 911 and what has happened since.  Then consider the following decisions and events since 1986 when we first decided to virtually end border control on a broad scale basis at all points of entry.  This has nothing to do with the Southern border and the Latin American countries.


Step 1 is the Visa Waiver program of 1986 is initiated when we determined that residents of certain countries no longer needed a visa to come to the U.S.  This controversial decision made no provision for how an individual became a citizen of those countries or under what circumstances.  The terror network realized from that day forward that being a French or British citizen was an express elevator to setting up terror cells in the U.S. and they did so.


Step 2.  1991 President Clinton appoints Doris Meissner as Director of INS and she promptly makes it even easier for anyone who claims asylum to get access with very little validation of the circumstances.  A direct quote from Ms. Meissner when first appointed:  “The primary purpose of the INS is not guarding borders and checking visas - - the primary purpose of the INS is providing a social safety net for the worlds needy”.


Step3.  Under President George Bush we enter the First Gulf War and push Saddam Hussein back toward Bagdad .  This war was paid for by a coalition of Arab States and we agreed to be responsible for all refugees and they would take none.  The administration authorized 6000 Iraqis to be brought to this country with virtually no vetting, no background checks, only claims they would be shot if they went back to their home cities/towns in Iraq.  The 6000 were given money and dispersed throughout the U.S. with no trail or oversight.  This was the start of an internal terror network in the U.S. and one of the cells created by these decisions germinated in Oklahoma City and, despite the manicured history by both political parties and the Justice Department, are the individuals who planned and executed the Murrah Building bombing. 


Step 4  As part of the repeal of the Glass Steagel Act of 1933 in November 1999 and the beginning of unbridled globalism, we stop tracking large money transfers into and out of this country; something we continued to do after World War II when it became and established practice through the OSS.  This continued and it was transferred to the Treasury Department in 1946.  Once this oversight was eliminated, the conduits for the secret funding of terror cells in any amounts became standard practice.


Step 5.  Once we allowed ease of access and greatly increased so called “student visas” with little verification, and that was combined with millions upon millions in secretly transferred funds from Middle Eastern terror networks, it was easy to put individuals within the system and train them for future terror plots and mass killings.   9/11 was a direct result of these political decisions made by leadership of both parties.


Summary:  The loud warning bell sounded by journalist Jayna Davis in Oklahoma City, begun only days after the Murrah Building was bombed, was silenced by the Clinton administration’s Justice Department by order of Janet Reno.  (The Order was that McVeigh’s accomplice “John Doe #2” would be denied by the very FBI that claimed he existed, and this event is to be a home-grown terror plot and no connection to world terror would be permitted)  An arm of the FBI buried evidence, silenced and threatened Davis, and created a Kangaroo Court to convict McVeigh only and execute him faster than anyone executed in the U.S. since the frontier days.   This was done by the Clinton administration but covered the tracks of the Bush administration’s decisions to bring the Iraqis here without vetting.  We learned that members of Saddam Hussein’s elite Republican Guard were among those 6000 that set up the first and now extensive internal terror network that has changed the quality of life in this country forever.


For a detailed analysis of just what our Justice Department did in creating revisionist history for political purposes, read Ms. Jayna Davis, work entitled “The Third Terrorist”.


“We have met the enemy - - and he is us”  - - Pogo


Jim Foster